Lolabuys Magnetic Eyelash

RM 109.00


Magnetic Eyelash takes only 3 second to clip on!
Usable up to 300x!
Each set comes with
🟣1 Natural Magnetic Lashes
🟣1 Dramatic Magnetic Lashes
🟣1 Clipper

Benefits of magnetic lashes:-
~ 3 second application
~ put on or remove anytime
~ usable up to 300 times which equivalent to about a year (depending on your usage)
~ cost saving
~ no need to worry that your lashes will drop
~ no need to worry about getting your make up remover on your lashes
~ freedom to wear mascara or Magnetic Lashes to suit your make up preference
~ no more sticky situation with glues when you put on falsies and worry that it will fall off half way through your outing
~ no need to crucially pull off the falsie that will cause wrinkles around our eye are that is very delicate
~ also we don't want to scare the other half by pulling off our falsie which to them is like pulling our eyeballs out (lol)

There are many more pros in using these lashes and above are just a few to name. See the difference it make and the difference between Natural and Dramatic on this video ❤️
DM/PM to purchase ❤️

Instagram: @bassandco.may @lolabuys


1) Will it fall off easily?
No, The magnet clasp together really well. Normal wearing without any extreme sports involve will be fine.

2) If I don't use it for a long time will it spoil?
No, As long as the lashes and clipper are well kept, it will keep you going for a long while.

3) Can I get 2 Natural/Dramatic Lashes in 1 set?
No, All set comes with 1 Natural and 1 Dramatic Magnetic lashes.

4) Can I mix Natural and Dramatic together?
Yes, just be sure to use 1 for top and 1 for bottom in order for them to clasp together properly.

5) Can I clean the lashes?
Yes, but with water only by using a cotton bud.

6) Can I wear mascara and then put on these lashes?
Yes you can but if you have long lashes it is better to just clasp it on as it. Unless you have shorter lashes and you want them to hold on more securely, you may apply mascara and then only clasp them on.

7) Should I wear it before or after my make up?
It's advisable to wear it after you are done with your make up and make this your last step so that it wont get dirty.

8) Can i try them on before I purchase?
So sorry but we won't be supplying trial set for hygiene purpose.

If you have anymore question, feel free to message us on our social media platform
FB : Bass & Co.
Instagram : @bassandco.may @lolabuys .

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